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Meet The Team

The Team

Alanna Penk

Owner & Yarn Enthuthiast

I personally have been a crafter since the age of 4, and a knitter since the age of 7, although it was only in my mid 20s that I discovered you could actually make a living out of (what was previously) an obsessive hobby.

I am a knitwear designer (Black Cat Knitting Company) and fibre arts enthusiast.

My goal for Loopine is to create a company that not only sells to, but enhances the local knitting community it serves by introducing new and exciting products into the New Zealand market, and by carrying and promoting local yarns and dyers.
Everyone should have access to great knitting, life is too short to waste on bad wool!

Carl Penk


Official (unpaid) husband and photographer. Infinitely patient and supportive, and my big handsome man!

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