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Loopine Wool Co is a local yarn store focused on serving and promoting the New Zealand knitting community through in-store and online sales.

We carry a range of local NZ yarns including indie-dyed, as well as bringing some of the most popular yarns from around the world to serve our local customers.

We are NZ’s only source of Brooklyn Tweed, Knit Circus and Spincycle Yarns!

Located inside a knitting cafe in central Auckland (something unique to New Zealand), Loopine Wool Co is a place where you can have your yarn and knit it too!

All our welcome to join us for our twice-weekly knitting/crochet groups:

Thursdays 10am-2pm

Fridays 4-8pm

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Supporting Locals

Loopine Wool Co is one of the few wool shops in Auckland who carries and supports indy dyed yarns and accessories. As a pattern designer for many years I know the difficulties of making fibre arts your main living, and every successful indy dyer, spinner, and pattern designer who makes it in the big bad world is a big win for all of us.

In many ways a sense of community is what knitting is all about, and when a fibre arts community has a central hub to gather and share ideas and projects with one another, that’s when ideas, frienships, collaborations and wonderful new creations can emerge. I feel a yarn store should not only be a place to buy your wool, but also a place where you can practice and enjoy this gentle art.

Loopine Wool Co will continue to promote the local community of knitters, dyers, and pattern designers and will do it’s part to get our little island and it’s fibre arts community the recognition it deserves!



"Lovely owner, beautiful yarn"
Joel & Jessica Malcolm
Loopine Wool
"Lovely owner, beautiful yarn" Joel & Jessica Malcolm

"So cute + fabulous stock selection. Definitely a must go! Love this shop."
Haley Horton
Loopine Wool
"So cute + fabulous stock selection. Definitely a must go! Love this shop." Haley Horton
Loopine Wool

The Team

Alanna Penk

Alanna Penk

Owner & Yarn Enthuthiast

Carl Penk

Carl Penk

Photographer & Alanna's Husband

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